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Establish An Online Presence

Some say the web is the new phonebook; and if you’re not setting up an online presence, you’re truly missing out on a large audience.

While we don’t typically look at the Internet simply as a phone book, that analogy still holds some truth. The World Wide Web has become the new business playing field. Not just from a marketing standpoint, but also when judging your brand’s overall credibility.

At Pixel Graffiti, we are all about helping you get established and bolstering your image. We build functional sites that not only allow you to be found, but those that keep your viewers coming back. Whether you’re a large business owner, community organization, or someone simply looking for a personal website we offer a variety of web based services to get your up and running.


Dynamic User Experience

When we talk about web standards, we tend to not just restrict them to design and development principles. Quite frequently we broaden that definition and allow it to encompass the overall user experience. Since the web is always changing, we know that the users (your) expectations of how content is presented also advances.

Keeping your site’s content fresh is crucial to maintaining an audience. That reason alone is why we have chosen to build the majority of our sites on Content Management System platforms (CMS). The beauty of running your site on a CMS is that you can easily avoid stagnant content. Updating becomes a breeze and your content can effortlessly be archived and reused on a moments notice.


Editing And Maintenance Made Easy

Even though your site will look good on the outside, the real beauty lies within the user back-end. Client-side editing has never been easier. You, as the user, have the ability to login to your website using only the Internet and a browser. No expensive editing software is necessary.

With little to no technical skills required, content changes are made by utilizing a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). All of the code and site mechanics are put together for you.

And if you’re feeling as though you don’t want to make site updates, we provide that service as well. Simply give us a call or send an email our way and let your mind rest at ease. Website maintenance has never been easier.


Join The Social Scene With Strategy In Mind

Social media now plays a big role in how we communicate to our clients/audience. It’s easy to setup a social network account for your business, but it’s difficult to know how to maintain an interactive news stream and gain a larger audience. That’s where we come in. Not only can we help you get started in the social networking realm, but we can also educate you on how to maintain a healthy news-feed as well as how to acquire more “followers”.


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Additional Services

We offer a variety of graphic design services that don't exactly fall under the marketing category; anything from art reproductions to photo repair. Give us a call or send us an email to see what we can do for you.

Art Reproductions

Have your artwork digitally captured and reproduced. From greeting cards to wide-format prints, we can enhance and layout your artwork on a variety of materials.

Digital Touchups

Looking to get a portrait touchup? We frequently restore damaged and/or aged photos and artwork. Give us your tarnished memories and we'll bring them back to life.

Design & Layout

Having trouble designing and laying out a personal project? Come see us for the professional look you're searching for.